Nevada Senate Bill 444 – now with extra sleaze

Not really a trademark matter, but of great concern to all fans of freedom of speech.

The Legal Satyricon

Well, I knew that politics was a dirty game — but I didn’t realize just how unethical some Senators would be in licking their masters’ boots.

You might recall that Senate Bill 444 sought to repeal Nevada’s Anti-SLAPP law. A scummy Senator put the bill up, at the behest of a scummy lawyer. They did it in the dark of the night, hoping nobody would notice.

It got through the Senate, but when it got to the Assembly, the people’s voice was heard. The bill was dead.

Then, Wynn Resorts’ lobbyist proposed a compromise. The compromise was reasonable. We might not have liked it, but there was no reason not to agree to the compromise.

But it was not a compromise.

It was a lie.

It was intended to mollify the opponents of Senate Bill 444 so that we would back off, shut up, and stop looking.

And then…

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